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The bylaws and charter have been updated by the required majority vote of members. The current Articles of Incorporation, By Laws and Code of Ethics are available below.

The Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii (SEAOH) was created for the advancement of the arts and science of structural engineering and to promote professional relations among structural engineers and the highest standards of structural engineering to the end that the practice of structural engineering shall serve the best interests of the client, the community, and the public, while being to the mutual advantage of structural engineers which is the corporation’s mission statement.

SEAOH had its beginnings in 1970 with Alfred A Yee serving as its first president. SEAOH was incorporated as a nonprofit Section 501(c)(6) corporation in 1973 by incorporators Richard M Libbey (president, 1972), Howard M Shima (president, 1973), and Harold T Miyamoto (president, 1983). The first corporation Board was as follows:

President & Director: Howard M Shima

Vice President & Director: S Don Shimazu

Secretary & Director: Harold T Miyamoto

Treasurer & Director: Richard M Sato

Director: Vernon HS Ching

Director: Reuben YF Tyau

Director: Richard M Libbey

SEAOH is a Member Organization (MO) of the National Council of Structural Engineer Associations (NCSEA) and a member of the Western Council of Structural Engineer Associations (WCSEA). SEAOH created its Young Member Group (YMG) in 2013 with the leadership of Amy Taniguchi Salvador.

SEAOH continues to serve its membership carrying on its mission statement as it adapts to the changing times, generations of engineers, technology, and advances in engineering knowledge.

List of Past Presidents 

 2022 Craig Meierhoffer
 2021 John Uno 
 2020 Danny Fujioka
 2019 Kevin Nakamoto
 2018 Jeoffrey S Cudiamat
 2017 Jonathan Murai
 2016 Jeffrey Hanyu
 2015 Fernando Frontera
 2014 Ethan Okuna
 2013 Brian D Kung
 2012 Wes Segawa
 2011 Brian Ide
 2010 Ron Iwamoto
 2009 Myles Shimokawa
 2008 Ian Robertson
 2007 Gary YK Chock
 2006 Bennett YK Fung
 2005 Beverly K Ishii-Nakayama
 2004 Randy NT Chu
 2003 Randy NT Chu
 2002 Tom T Tanimura
 2001 Dennis K Hanatani
 2000 Glenn H Miyasato
 1999 Steven C Heywood
 1998 Dwight M Okawa
 1997 John C Bravo
 1996 Myron G Okubo
 1995 Michael KH Yee
 1994 Michael P Matsumoto
 1993 Duane LN Lee
 1992 Howard KC Lau
 1991 Gary T Yamamoto
 1990 Harold S Hamada
 1989 Richard C Elstner
 1988 Howard K Fukuda
 1987 Roy K Yamashiro
 1986 John P Johnson
 1985 Fred R Masuda
 1984 Rodney T Yamamoto
 1983  Harold T Miyamoto
 1982 Arthur NL Chiu
 1981 Alvin Zane
 1980 Stanley J Shigemura
 1979 Reuben TF Tyau
 1978 Roy S Shimabukuro
 1977 Yuji Kasamoto
 1976 Richard M Sato
 1975 George K Nishimura
 1974 S Don Shimazu
 1973 Howard M Shima
 1972 Richard M Libbey
 1971 James Early
 1970 Alfred A Yee

Contact Us

PO Box 3348

Honolulu, Hawaii 96801



SEAOH is the Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii, a charter member of the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA). SEAOH is a non-profit, member-driven organization that pursues the common interests of practicing structural engineers and others sharing an interest in the activities of structural engineers.

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