Earthquake and Hurricane Preparedness

Wind Design: Hawaii is Special Wind Region

Hawaii Wind Design Guide Lectures (Oct 2014 Chock)

These lecture slides were created and presented by Gary Chock during the training sessions sponsored by the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in conjunction with State Civil Defense/Hawaii Emergency Management Agency in 2014.

Hurricane Basics


Debris Impact Resistant Wall Assemblies

The 2012 IBC with Hawaii Amendments has been accepted by the State Building Code Council and is on its way to becoming the Hawaii State Building Code. Most of the Counties have indicated that they intend to adopt these provisions in the next year. Section 425 Hawaii Residential Safe Room has been updated to include section 425.5.4 Approved Debris Impact Resistant Wall Assemblies. This section include 15 wall assemblies that shall be deemed to comply with the safe room impact criteria. The basis of these include testing performed by the University of Hawaii and Hawaii State Civil Defense (now know as HEMA). The report is available at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Research Report website. A direct link is below. Contact Professor Ian Robertson at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department for more information regarding testing and results.

The Effects of Windborne Debris on Saferoom Wall Panels and Fenestration Systems


Hurricane Strengthening for Hawaii Single-Family Residences

A New Guide to Hurricane Strengthening for Hawaii Single-Family Residences has been posted to the Hawaii Insurance Division website at

A direct link to the guide is here:

2016 Hurricane Strengthening of Single Family Homes in Hawaii


Loss Mitigation Grant Program Discontinued in 2008

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Insurance Division Loss Mitigation Program

1997 Construction Guide on Strengthening Existing Houses in Hawaii against Hurricanes and Earthquakes


SEAOH Post-Disaster Reports

Post-Earthquake Building Safety Evaluations


Hurricane Shelter Criteria Report of 2005


SEAOH Disaster Response Committee


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