Disaster Response Committee

The purpose of the SEAOH Disaster Response Committee (DRC) is to consider and coordinate activities the structural engineering community can do before and after disasters occur. The DRC maintains a list of SEAOH member volunteers who: (1) want to participate in Pre-disaster Organization and Training and (2) can be called upon to act as Post-Disaster Volunteer Engineers.

To serve on this committee contact the Committee Chair: Jimmy Lam

When a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, storm, flood, tsunami) occurs in a community, there is often an immediate need for qualified professionals to evaluate damaged buildings for safety of occupancy. The SEAOH and its Disaster Response Committee have prepared procedures pertaining to the use of volunteer engineers from non-governmental professional organizations in less affected areas to assist the affected jurisdiction during a declared disaster or emergency. The volunteers will provide, in accordance with Applied Technology Council (ATC) procedures, initial Rapid Evaluations of building safety, which may be followed, as necessary, by more thorough Detailed/Engineering Evaluations. The Response Procedures for Activating & Deploying Volunteer Building Safety Evaluation Engineers and a Post-Disaster Field Guide are provided in the links below.

SEAOH Post-Disaster Response Procedures

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SEAOH Post-Disaster Field Guide


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